The beer list for the 2015 Glasgow Real Ale Festival is presented below.

Brewery Beer Name ABV Style Origin
Abbeydale Absolution 5.3% Specialty England
Abbeydale Black Mass 6.7% Stout England
Alechemy Citra Burst 5.4% Blonde Scotland
Alechemy Malacca 4.7% Black IPA Scotland
Alechemy Ritual 4.1% Pale Ale Scotland
Alechemy Starlaw 3.5% Bitter Scotland
Allendale Fermata 3.1% Pale Ale England
Ayr Betty and the Gardens 5.2% Blonde Scotland
Ayr Jolly Beggars 4.2% Bitter Scotland
Bank Top Dark Mild 4.0% Mild England
Bank Top Old Slapper 4.2% Blonde England
Bank Top Port O’Call 5.0% Stout England
Blackjack American Amber 5.4% Amber Ale England
Blackjack Stout 5.0% Stout England
Blue Monkey 99 Red Baboons 4.2% Mild England
Blue Monkey Right Turn Clyde 4.3% Bitter England
Brass Castle Brass Lager 5.3% Lager England
Brass Castle Comet 4.3% Pale Ale England
Brass Castle Northern Blonde 3.9% Blonde England
Brass Castle Tail Gunner 4.0% Bitter England
Brewmeister Black Hawk 5.0% Specialty Scotland
Brewmeister Supersonic IPA 5.0% IPA Scotland
Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout 4.5% Stout England
Bristol Beer Factory Seven 4.2% Bitter England
Cairngorm Black Gold 4.4% Stout Scotland
Cairngorm Gold 4.5% Blonde Scotland
Cairngorm Trade Winds 4.3% Blonde Scotland
Caledonian Deuchars IPA 3.8% IPA Scotland
Caledonian Edinburgh Castle 4.1% Scottish Ale Scotland
Caledonian Golden XPA 4.3% Pale Ale Scotland
Caledonian Surf Sup 4.1% Pale Ale Scotland
Clockwork Cartside Red 4.4% Amber Ale Scotland
Clockwork Hazy Daze 5.0% Specialty Scotland
Clockwork Oregon IPA 5.5% IPA Scotland
Clockwork Pacific Pale Ale 4.2% Amber Ale Scotland
Cromarty Happy Chappy 4.1% Pale Ale Scotland
Cromarty Rogue Wave 5.7% Pale Ale Scotland
Dark Star American Pale Ale 4.7% Pale Ale England
Dark Star Hophead 3.8% Blonde England
Dark Star Sunburst 4.8% Pale Ale England
Drygate Emery Bell 3.6% Mild Scotland
Drygate Pale Duke 4.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Drygate Vintage Porter 5.9% Porter Scotland
Eden Mill Golf Pale Ale 4.5% Pale Ale Scotland
Eden Mill St. Andrews Blonde 3.8% Blonde Scotland
Fallen Blackhouse 5.0% Porter Scotland
Fallen Platform C 6.3% IPA Scotland
Fallen Platform NZ 6.3% IPA Scotland
Fyne Ales Avalanche 4.5% Blonde Scotland
Fyne Ales Jarl 3.8% Bitter Scotland
Fyne Ales Sublime Stout 6.8% Stout Scotland
Hand Drawn Monkey IPA 5.0% IPA England
Hand Drawn Monkey What Would Jephers Do? 4.5% Bitter England
Harveys Armada Ale 4.5% Bitter England
Harveys IPA 3.5% Bitter England
Harveys Olympia 4.3% Blonde England
Harveys Sussex Best Bitter 4.0% Bitter England
Harveys Sussex Mild 3.0% Mild England
Harveys Tom Paine 5.5% Bitter England
Hawkshead Cumbrian 5 Hop 5.0% Pale Ale England
Hawkshead Drystone Stout 4.5% Stout England
Hawkshead NZPA 6.0% IPA England
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.5% Pale Ale England
Jaw Drift 4.3% Blonde Scotland
Jaw Drop 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Jaw Fathom 4.0% Stout Scotland
Jaw Surf 4.3% Wheat Scotland
Jaw Wave 4.7% Wheat Scotland
Kelburn Cart Blanche 5.0% Blonde Scotland
Kelburn Cart Noir 4.8% Porter Scotland
Kelburn Pivo Estivo 3.9% Pale Ale Scotland
Kelburn Regnitz 4.4% Bitter Scotland
Kelham Island Best Bitter 3.8% Bitter England
Kelham Island Pale Rider 5.2% Bitter England
Kent Hendersons Toffee Apple Cider 6.0% Sweet England
Kinneil Caer Edin Dark 4.2% Mild Scotland
Kinneil Wayfinder 3.8% Bitter Scotland
Lacons Affinity 4.8% Blonde England
Lacons Audit 8.0% Strong Ale England
Lacons Encore 3.8% Blonde England
Lacons Falcon 4.2% Bitter England
Lawman Horizon APA 5.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Lerwick Pale Ale 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Loch Lomond Bonnie ‘n’ Blonde 4.0% Blonde Scotland
Loch Lomond Bravehop 6.0% Amber Ale Scotland
Loch Lomond Silkie Stout 5.0% Stout Scotland
Loch Lomond Southern Summit 4.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Loch Ness Dark Ness 4.5% Porter Scotland
Loch Ness Golden Ness 3.5% Blonde Scotland
Loch Ness Hoppy Ness 5.0% IPA Scotland
Loch Ness Saazi Ness 4.0% Bitter Scotland
Lymestone Ein Stein 5.0% Blonde England
Mallinsons Azacca 4.1% Blonde England
Mallinsons Cha Cha Cha 4.4% Pale Ale England
Mallinsons Columbus 3.8% Pale Ale England
Mallinsons Four Spotted Chaser 4.3% Pale Ale England
Mallinsons Indulgence 3.7% Blonde England
Marble Earl Grey IPA 6.8% IPA England
Marble Pint 3.9% Blonde England
Milton Jupiter 3.5% Bitter England
Milton Justinian 3.9% Bitter England
Milton Marcus Aurelius 7.4% Stout England
Milton Pegasus 4.1% Bitter England
Oakham Bishop’s Farewell 4.6% Blonde England
Oakham Citra 4.2% Blonde England
Oakham Green Devil 6.0% IPA England
Oakham Inferno 4.0% Blonde England
Oakham The Kraken’s Ink 6.8% Stout England
Oakham The Preacher 4.3% Bitter England
Orkney Dark Island Special Reserve 10% Old Ale Scotland
Orkney Puffin Ale 4.5% Bitter Scotland
Ossett Excelsior 5.2% Bitter England
Ossett Silver King 4.3% Blonde England
Pilot House 5.0% IPA Scotland
Pilot Iced Tea Ale 5.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Pilot Mochaccino Stout 5.5% Stout Scotland
Rat King Rat 5.0% Blonde England
Rat White Rat 4.0% Bitter England
RedWillow Smokeless 5.7% Smoked England
RedWillow Wreckless 4.8% Bitter England
Robinson’s Old Tom 8.5% Old Ale England
Robinson’s Trooper 4.8% Bitter England
Roosters Birdman 4.1% Pale Ale England
Roosters Buckeye 3.5% Blonde England
Roosters Yankee 4.3% Pale Ale England
Saltaire Blackberry Cascade 4.8% Pale Ale England
Saltaire Elderflower Blonde 4.0% Blonde England
Saltaire Triple Chocoholic 4.8% Specialty England
Skye Blaven 5.0% Bitter Scotland
Skye IPA 4.4% IPA Scotland
Skye Skye Gold 4.3% Bitter Scotland
Skye Skye Red 4.2% Bitter Scotland
Strathaven Claverhouse 4.5% Bitter Scotland
Strathaven Craigmill Mild 3.5% Mild Scotland
Swannay Island Hopping 3.9% Pale Ale Scotland
Swannay Orkney Blast 6.0% IPA Scotland
Swannay Sneaky Wee Orkney Stout 4.2% Stout Scotland
Theakston Old Peculier 5.6% Old Ale England
Timothy Taylor’s Boltmaker 4.0% Bitter England
Timothy Taylor’s Landlord 4.3% Bitter England
Tiny Rebel Cwtch 4.6% Pale Ale Wales
Tiny Rebel Dirty Stop Out 5.0% Stout Wales
Top Out Smoked Porter 5.6% Smoked Scotland
Top Out South Face 5.4% IPA Scotland
Tryst Coconut Porter 5.0% Porter Scotland
Tryst Hop Trial 3.9% Bitter Scotland
Tryst Raj IPA 5.5% IPA Scotland
Waulkmill Mooseheid Perry 5.0% Medium Scotland
Wilkins Farmhouse Cider 6.0% Sweet Scotland
Williams Bros. Double Joker IPA 8.3% IPA Scotland
Williams Bros. Juniper Tree 4.3% Blonde Scotland
Williams Bros. Red 4.5% Amber Ale Scotland
Williams Bros. Seven Giraffes 5.1% Bitter Scotland
Windswept Marooned 4.0% Wheat Scotland
Windswept Tornado 6.4% IPA Scotland
Wold Top Scarborough Fair 6.0% IPA England
WooHa Porter 5.0% Porter Scotland
York Centurion’s Ghost 5.4% Mild England
York Guzzler 3.6% Bitter England

Foreign Bar

Brewery Beer Name ABV Origin
Bernard Světlý Ležák 11° 4.5% Czech Republic
Broumov Opat Kvasničák Coriander 5.0% Czech Republic
Dougall’s 942 4.2% Spain
Dougall’s 942 IPA 7.0% Spain
Dougall’s Haiti 7.0% Spain
Dougall’s Tres Mares 5.2% Spain
Huyghe Floris Framboise 3.7% Belgium
Huyghe Früli 4.1% Belgium
Laugar EPA! Euskadiko Pale Ale 5.4% Spain
Laugar Fibonatxi 0 5.0% Spain
Laugar Kiskale 7.5% Spain
Milana Bonita 6.1% Spain
Milana Shipa 5.5% Spain

Cider Bar

Brewery Cider Name ABV Origin
CJs Surprise 6.1% Wales
Dorset Nectar Organic Cider 5.0% England
Gwynt Y Ddraig Two Trees Perry 4.5% Wales
Hartland’s Farmhouse Cider 5.8% England
Hartland’s Farmhouse Perry 5.8% England
Honey Pot Cider 6.0% England
Oliver’s Draught Perry 6.5% England
Thistly Cross Jaggy Thistle 7.4% Scotland
Torkard CBC 6.7% England
Tricky Medium 6.5% England
Troggi Pendragon 7.0% Wales
Watkins Dry Perry 5.4% Wales
Watkins Vintage Oak 6.8% Wales
Waulkmill Muckle Toon Rosie 5.0% Scotland
West Croft Janet’s Jungle Juice 6.0% England
West Milton Medium Still Cider 6.0% England
Opening Hours

Thursday: 15:30 To 22:30
Friday: 12:00 To 22:30
Saturday: 12:00 To 22:30


Tickets are available at the door costing £7 per session (£5 for CAMRA members). Ticket price includes programme and souvenir festival glass.

Advance tickets are available at our TCKTY website. The tickets cost £20 and include the entrance fee noted above with the balance in beer tokens.

(discounted entry price of £2 to subsequent sessions with festival glass)

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