The beer list for the 2017 Glasgow Real Ale Festival is presented below.

Brewery Beer Name ABV Style Origin
Abbeydale Black Mass 6.7% Stout England
Abbeydale Deception 4.1% Bitter England
Alechemy 10 Storey Malt Bomb 4.5% Scottish Ale Scotland
Alechemy Charisma 3.7% Blonde Scotland
Alechemy EH54 5.7% IPA Scotland
Allendale Gluten Free Pale Ale 6.5% Pale Ale England
Allendale Mosaic 4.5% Blonde England
Almasty Dank IPA 6.0% IPA England
Almasty Lilt Pale Ale 5.0% Pale Ale England
Ayr Betty and the Gardens 5.2% Blonde Scotland
Ayr Hiphopapotamus 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Ayr Rabbie’s Porter 4.3% Porter Scotland
Bad Seed Aussie Pale 3.8% Pale Ale England
Bad Seed Mandarina Bavaria 4.5% Pale Ale England
Blackjack Dead Man’s Hands 4.1% Pale Ale England
Blackjack Royal Flush 5.0% Bitter England
Blackjack Shuffled Desk 3.8% Pale Ale England
Blackjack The Pokies 3.6% Pale Ale England
Blue Monkey 99 Red Baboons 4.2% Mild England
Blue Monkey Chocolate Guerilla 4.9% Stout England
Borough Pale 3.7% Bitter England
Borough Summertime Dark 4.0% Mild England
Brass Castle Northern Blonde 3.9% Blonde England
Broughton 6.2 IPA 6.2% IPA Scotland
Broughton Elder Power 4.7% Specialty Scotland
Broughton Hopopotamus 3.8% Blonde Scotland
Broughton Pale Ale 4.2% Pale Ale Scotland
Broughton Proper IPA 5.0% IPA Scotland
Broughton Sin Bin 4.0% Bitter Scotland
Broughton The Finnish Stoater 6.2% IPA Scotland
Burning Sky Aurora 5.6% IPA England
Bute Cock Up Your Beaver 4.5% Scottish Ale Scotland
Bute Scalpsie Blonde 3.8% Blonde Scotland
Bute Thoroughbread 4.9% Pale Ale Scotland
Caledonian Deuchars IPA 3.8% IPA Scotland
Caledonian Edinburgh Castle 4.1% Scottish Ale Scotland
Caledonian Golden XPA 4.3% Pale Ale Scotland
Caledonian Lion’s Share 4.4% Bitter Scotland
Campervan Mutiny on the Bounty 4.2% Stout Scotland
Clockwork Hampden Roar 6.0% Amber Ale Scotland
Clockwork Hoptopussy 4.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Clockwork Oregon IPA 5.5% IPA Scotland
Cross Bay Aurora 4.0% Bitter England
Cross Bay Winter Moon 3.7% Porter England
Cross Borders IPA 4.5% IPA Scotland
Cross Borders Porter 4.2% Porter Scotland
Cumbrian Legendary Ales Loweswater Gold 4.3% Blonde England
Dark Star American Pale Ale 4.7% Pale Ale England
Dark Star Espresso Stout 4.2% Stout England
Dark Star Festival 5.0% Bitter England
Derwent Whitwell & Marks Mild 3.7% Mild England
Dorset Nectar Old Harry Rocks 6.0% Dry England
Drygate Pale Duke 4.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Drygate Seven Peaks 5.0% IPA Scotland
Eden Mill Shipwreck IPA 6.0% IPA Scotland
Eden Mill St. Andrews Blonde 3.8% Blonde Scotland
Exit 33 Encore 4.5% Pale Ale England
Exit 33 Hopnotised 4.0% Pale Ale England
Exit 33 Oat Stout 5.0% Stout England
Fallen Chew Chew 6.0% Stout Scotland
Fallen Dragonfly 4.6% Amber Ale Scotland
Fallen Platform C 6.3% IPA Scotland
Fernandes Malt Shovel Mild 3.8% Mild England
Ferry Ferry Stout 4.9% Stout Scotland
Ferry Ferry Witches Brew 4.5% Amber Ale Scotland
First Chop PIP 6.3% Saison England
First Chop POP 5.4% Specialty England
Five Kingdoms Auf Wiedersehen Pet 5.5% Blonde Scotland
Five Kingdoms Dark Storm 6.0% Stout Scotland
Five Kingdoms Wee McAsh 4.5% Bitter Scotland
Fuzzy Duck Cunning Stunt 4.3% Bitter England
Fuzzy Duck Pheasant Plucker 4.2% Bitter England
Fyne Ales Highlander 4.8% Amber Ale Scotland
Fyne Ales Jarl 3.8% Bitter Scotland
Fyne Ales Sublime Stout 6.8% Stout Scotland
Fyne Ales Superior IPA 7.1% IPA Scotland
Fyne Ales Wee Heavy 6.1% Scottish Ale Scotland
Hartland’s Medium Cider 5.8% Medium England
Harveys Armada Ale 4.5% Bitter England
Harveys Sussex Best Bitter 4.0% Bitter England
Harveys Sussex Mild 3.0% Mild England
Hawkshead Cumbrian 5 Hop 5.0% Pale Ale England
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.5% Pale Ale England
Hopcraft Waen Lemon Drizzle 3.7% Pale Ale Wales
Hopcraft Waen Snowball 7.0% Stout Wales
Hopcraft We Come In Peace 4.6% Amber Ale Wales
Inveralmond EPA 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Inveralmond Lia Fail 4.7% Scottish Ale Scotland
Inveralmond Ossian 4.1% Blonde Scotland
Inveralmond Thai PA N/A% Pale Ale Scotland
Jaw Drift 4.3% Blonde Scotland
Jaw Drop 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Jaw Surf 4.3% Wheat Scotland
Jaw Wave 4.7% Wheat Scotland
Kelburn Cart Blanche 5.0% Blonde Scotland
Kelburn Cart Noir 4.8% Porter Scotland
Kelburn Jaguar 4.5% Amber Ale Scotland
Kelham Island Pale Rider 5.2% Bitter England
Kelham Island Riders on the Storm 4.5% Blonde England
Kent Hendersons Toffee Apple Cider 6.0% Sweet England
Kirkby Lonsdale Crafty Mild 3.6% Mild England
Kirkby Lonsdale Jubilee 5.5% Stout England
Kirkby Lonsdale Radical 4.2% Amber Ale England
Kirkby Lonsdale Stanleys 3.8% Pale Ale England
Knops California Common 4.6% Lager Scotland
Knops India Pale Ale 5.0% IPA Scotland
Lacons Encore 3.8% Blonde England
Lacons Legacy 4.4% Blonde England
Lawman Horizon APA 5.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Lawman Pixel Bandit 4.0% Blonde Scotland
Lerwick Azure 4.3% Pale Ale Scotland
Lerwick Lerwick IPA 5.0% IPA Scotland
Loch Lomond Ale of Leven 4.5% Amber Ale Scotland
Loch Lomond Bravehop Amber 6.0% IPA Scotland
Loch Lomond Dr. Peppercorn 7.0% Saison Scotland
Loch Lomond Kessog 5.2% Strong Ale Scotland
Loch Lomond Silkie Stout 5.0% Stout Scotland
Loch Lomond Southern Summit 4.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Lytham Golden Mild 4.3% Mild England
Lytham Ice King 4.4% Pale Ale England
Mallinsons Nelson Sauvin 3.8% Bitter England
Mallinsons SPA 17 3.9% Bitter England
Marble Pale Ale 5.4% Pale Ale England
Marble Pint 3.9% Blonde England
Milton Marcus Aurelius 7.4% Stout England
Milton Minerva 4.9% Blonde England
Oakham Citra 4.2% Blonde England
Oakham Green Devil 6.0% IPA England
Oliver’s Sweet Perry 5.8% Medium Sweet England
Ossett Excelsior 5.2% Bitter England
Ossett Silver King 4.3% Blonde England
Purple Moose Elderflower Ale 4.0% Specialty Wales
Purple Moose Glaslyn Ale 4.2% Blonde Wales
Rat Raturday Night Fever 4.0% Bitter England
Rat Reservoir Rats 4.0% Pale Ale England
Redemption Iced Tea Pale Ale 4.0% Pale Ale England
Redemption Rock the Kazbek 4.0% Blonde England
Salamander Golden Salamander 4.3% Blonde England
Salamander Spectre Stout 4.5% Stout England
Shilling Glasgow Red 4.2% Amber Ale Scotland
Shilling Papa Gatto 5.0% Stout Scotland
Skye Cuillin Beast 7.0% Strong Ale Scotland
Skye Young Pretender 4.0% Bitter Scotland
Stewart Celtman 5.0% Bitter Scotland
Stewart Pentland IPA 3.9% IPA Scotland
Strathaven Avondale 4.0% Amber Ale Scotland
Strathaven Duchess Anne 3.9% Blonde Scotland
Swannay Duke IPA 5.2% IPA Scotland
Swannay Island Hopping 3.9% Pale Ale Scotland
Swannay Sneaky Wee Orkney Stout 4.2% Stout Scotland
Tempest Cascadian 4.1% Blonde Scotland
Timothy Taylor’s Landlord 4.3% Bitter England
Timothy Taylor’s Ram Tam 4.3% Old Ale England
Tiny Rebel Juicy 4.8% Pale Ale Wales
Tryst Brockville Pale 3.9% Pale Ale Scotland
Tryst Double Chocolate Porter 4.4% Porter Scotland
Tryst Raj IPA 5.5% IPA Scotland
Up Front Ahab 6.0% Stout Scotland
Up Front Old Man Ahab 7.1% Stout Scotland
Vocation Chop & Change 4.5% Pale Ale England
Vocation Heart & Soul 4.4% Pale Ale England
Waulkmill Mooseheid Perry 5.0% Medium Scotland
Waulkmill Steel Bonnet 5.0% Medium Dry Scotland
Wilkins Medium Dry 6.5% Medium Dry Scotland
Windswept Weizen 5.2% Wheat Scotland
Windswept Wolf 6.0% Old Ale Scotland
WooHa Blonde 5.0% Blonde Scotland
WooHa Wee IPA 4.1% IPA Scotland

Foreign Bar

Brewery Beer Name ABV Origin
Alvinne Cuvée D’Erpigny Pedro Ximenez 12.2% Belgium
Alvinne Wild West Kriek Framboos 6.0% Belgium
De Dolle Boskeun 8.0% Belgium
De Graal Blond 6.5% Belgium
De Graal Dubbel 6.5% Belgium
De Graal Quest 9.0% Belgium
De Graal Triverius 6.8% Belgium
De Halve Maan Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2015 11.0% Belgium
De La Senne Jambe-de-Bois 8.0% Belgium
De La Senne Taras Boulba 4.5% Belgium
De Ryck Arend Tripel 8.0% Belgium
De Ryck Special 5.0% Belgium
De Struise Rio Reserva 2012 11.0% Belgium
Karg Helles Hefe-Weißbier 5.0% Germany
Keesmann Herren Pils 4.8% Germany
Kloster Andechs Vollbier Hell 4.8% Germany
Kloster Andechs Weissbier Hell 5.5% Germany
Kneitinger Pils 5.2% Germany
Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier 6.1% Germany
Schlenkerla Eiche 8.0% Germany
Schlenkerla Märzen Rauchbier 5.1% Germany
Van Honsebrouk Cuvée du Château 8.5% Belgium
Weihenstephaner Vitus 7.7% Germany

Cider Bar

Brewery Cider Name ABV Origin
Andrews Ales Pickled Pete’s Oak Aged Cider 5.0% Scotland
Andrews Ales Pickled Pete’s Scottish Perry 6.0% Scotland
Downham Cider Bourbon Cask Cider 6.5% England
Dudda’s Tun Salted Caramel Cider 4.0% England
Max Nowell Steilhead Cider N/A% Scotland
Palmers Upland Chartist Cyder 7.0% Wales
Penallt Welsh Perry 5.8% Wales
Ross-on-Wye Broome 6.0% England
Waulkmill Muckle Toon Rosie 5.0% Scotland
Waulkmill Wallace 1306 5.5% Scotland
Opening Hours

Thursday: 15:30 To 22:30
Friday: 12:00 To 22:30
Saturday: 12:00 To 22:30


Tickets are available at the door costing £7 per session (£5 for CAMRA members). Ticket price includes programme and souvenir festival glass.

Advance tickets are available at our TCKTY website. The tickets cost £20 and include the entrance fee noted above with the balance in beer tokens.

(discounted entry price of £2 to subsequent sessions with festival glass)

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