West Bar

Brewery Beer Name ABV Status
Abbeydale Absolution 5.3% Finished
Abbeydale Dr Morton’s Eurocrat 4.1% Finished
Alechemy EH54 5.7% Finished
Alechemy Starhopper 3.5% Finished
Anarchy Anti-Venom 6.0% Finished
Anarchy Citra Star 4.1% Finished
Ashover Littlemoor Citra 4.1% Finished
Ashover Milk Stout 6.0% Finished
Ayr Rabbie’s Porter 4.3% Available
Ayr Scaur O’Doon Summer Ale 3.6% Finished
BAD Co. Honey Hi 4.5% Finished
BAD Co. Whiter Shade of Pale 3.4% Available
Bellfield Bohemian Pilsner 4.5% Finished
Bingley Lynda’s Liquor 4.3% Available
Blackjack Double Bluff 4.8% Available
Blackjack The Pokies 3.6% Not On Yet
Blue Bee American Five Hop 4.3% Available
Blue Bee Ella IPA 5.0% Finished
Blue Bee Ginger Beer 4.5% Finished
Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout 4.5% Available
Bristol Beer Factory Nova 3.8% Available
Broughton Dark Dunter 5.0% Available
Broughton Elder Power 4.7% Finished
Broughton Hopopotamus 3.8% Finished
Brunswick Triple Hop 4.0% Finished
Brunswick White Feather 3.6% Available
Bute Straad Ass 4.2% Finished
Caledonian Deuchars IPA 3.8% Available
Caledonian Edinburgh Castle 4.1% Available
Caledonian Flying Scotsman 4.0% Available
Caledonian Golden XPA 4.3% Not On Yet
Caledonian Kick Off 4.1% Available
Campervan Mutiny on the Bounty 4.2% Finished
Campervan Wheat Revenge 5.0% Finished
Castle Rock Black Gold 3.8% Finished
Castle Rock Harvest Pale 3.8% Not On Yet
Clockwork Hampden Roar 6.0% Available
Clockwork Original Amber 3.8% Finished
Clockwork Pacific Pale Ale 4.2% Available
Clockwork Sun Dial 4.7% Available
Dougall’s 942 4.2% Available
Drygate Pale Duke 4.0% Available
Drygate Pekko 4.0% Available
Drygate Seven Peaks 5.0% Finished
Fallen Grapevine 5.4% Available
Fallen Local Motive 3.9% Finished
Farmageddon IPA 5.5% Available
Farmageddon Mosaic IPA 6.3% Finished
Fat Cat Hell Cat 4.1% Available
Fat Cat Wild Cat 5.0% Finished
First Chop HOP 4.1% Not On Yet
First Chop POD 4.2% Finished
Five Kingdoms Captain Morrison’s IPA 5.5% Finished
Five Kingdoms Dark Storm 6.0% Finished
Five Kingdoms Dr Rudi’s Blonde 4.7% Available
Five Kingdoms Pale 4.0% Available
Fyne Ales Auld Alliance 5.5% Available
Fyne Ales McLagerson 5.4% Finished
Fyne Ales Ragnarok 7.4% Available
Fyne Ales Sunna 3.7% Not On Yet
Goosnargh Goosnargh Pale 3.6% Finished
Goosnargh Right RoyAle 3.8% Available
Harveys Copperwheat Brew 4.8% Available
Harveys Imperial Extra Double Stout 9.0% Finished
Harveys Lewes Castle 4.8% Available
Harveys Sussex Best Bitter 4.0% Finished
Harveys Sussex Champion 5.0% Available
Hawkshead Lakeland Gold 4.8% Available
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.5% Finished
Hilden Barney’s Brew 5.0% Available
Hilden Headless Dog 4.8% Not On Yet
Hilden Twisted Hop 4.7% Available
Jaw Drift 4.3% Not On Yet
Jaw Drop 3.8% Not On Yet
Jaw Fathom 4.0% Available
Jaw Spinnaker 4.7% Available
Jaw Surf 4.3% Available
Jaw Wave 4.7% Available
Saltaire Cascade Pale Ale 4.8% Available
Opening Hours

Thursday: 15:30 To 22:30
Friday: 12:00 To 22:30
Saturday: 12:00 To 22:30


Tickets are available at the door costing £7 per session (£5 for CAMRA members). Ticket price includes programme and souvenir festival glass.

Advance tickets are available at our TCKTY website. The tickets cost £20 and include the entrance fee noted above with the balance in beer tokens.

(discounted entry price of £2 to subsequent sessions with festival glass)

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