Old Beer List

The provisional beer list for Glasgow Real Ale Festival is presented below. Please note that while every effort is made to ensure the information is correct, it’s possible that for whatever reason some beers may be unavailable and may be replaced with alternatives. Also, please check back as more beers may be added.

Brewery Beer Name ABV Style Origin
Adnams Mosaic 4.1% Pale Ale England
Adnams T-Drop 4.0% Pale Ale England
Alechemy Bring Out The Imp 10.5% Stout Scotland
Alechemy Charisma 3.7% Blonde Scotland
Alechemy Photon 4.3% Pale Ale Scotland
Alechemy Secret Citra 5.4% IPA Scotland
Arundel Sussex IPA 4.2% IPA England
Atom Relativity 5.0% IPA England
Ayr Leezie Lundie 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Ayr Otto & Griselda 4.6% Pale Ale Scotland
Ayr Rhapsody Raspberry 4.3% Pale Ale Scotland
Bath Gem 4.1% Amber Ale England
Bath Prophecy 3.8% Pale Ale England
Bedlam Amagansett 5.0% Pale Ale England
Beermats Format 3.9% Pale Ale England
Blue Monkey BG Sips 4.0% Blonde England
Blue Monkey Infinity 4.6% Pale Ale England
Boss Beatle Juice 4.8% Blonde Wales
Bosuns Back Of The Net 4.0% Blonde England
Broughton Champion Double Ale 5.7% Strong Ale Scotland
Broughton Glasgow Cross 5.0% IPA Scotland
Broughton HameAleDaeMe 4.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Broughton Hopopotamus 3.8% Blonde Scotland
Broughton Old Jock 6.7% Scottish Ale Scotland
Broughton Old Jock Amarone 6.7% Scottish Ale Scotland
Broughton Ram’d Lager 4.2% Lager Scotland
Burton Bridge Bramble Stout 5.0% Stout England
Burton Bridge Golden Delicious 3.8% Bitter England
Bute 48 Ferries 5.5% IPA Scotland
Bute Scalpsie Blonde 3.8% Blonde Scotland
Bute Straad Ass 4.2% Blonde Scotland
Campervan Hoppy Botanist 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Campervan Leith Juice 4.7% Pale Ale Scotland
Castle Rock Harvest Pale 3.8% Pale Ale England
Castle Rock Screech Owl 5.5% Blonde England
Coastal Poseidon Extra 4.5% Amber Ale England
Coastal Summer Breeze 3.9% Blonde England
Cotleigh Fowl Play 4.2% Bitter England
Dancing Duck Waddle It Be? 4.5% Pale Ale England
Dark Star American Pale Ale 4.7% Pale Ale England
Dark Star Revelation 5.7% Pale Ale England
Drygate Orinoco 6.0% Stout Scotland
Drygate Seven Peaks 5.0% IPA Scotland
Dunscar Bridge Gold 4.0% Blonde England
Durham Black Bishop 4.1% Stout England
Durham White Gold 4.6% Blonde England
Electric Bear WERRRD! 4.2% Pale Ale England
Ferry Ferry Stout 4.9% Stout Scotland
First Chop AVA 3.5% Blonde England
First Chop HOP 4.1% Pale Ale England
Five Kingdoms Dark Storm 6.0% Stout Scotland
Five Kingdoms Dr Rudi’s Blonde 4.7% Blonde Scotland
Fuzzy Duck Cunning Stunt 4.3% Bitter England
Fuzzy Duck Golden Cascade 3.8% Blonde England
Fyne Ales Everyone Loves Pekko 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Fyne Ales Highlander 4.8% Amber Ale Scotland
Fyne Ales Jarl 3.8% Bitter Scotland
Fyne Ales Mills & Hills 9.5% Stout Scotland
Fyne Ales Morning Light 5.5% IPA Scotland
Gene Pool Paleo 3.9% Pale Ale England
Goldmark Amarillo Gold 4.0% Blonde England
Goldmark Hop Idol APA 4.4% Pale Ale England
Great Heck Blonde 4.3% Blonde England
Great Heck Shankar IPA 5.9% IPA England
Great Heck Treasure IPA 4.8% IPA England
Green Duck Bliss 4.2% Pale Ale England
Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted 3.8% Bitter Scotland
Harviestoun Schiehallion 4.8% Lager Scotland
Hawkshead Iti 3.5% Pale Ale England
Hawkshead NZPA 6.0% IPA England
Hop Back Summer Lightning 5.0% Bitter England
Hop Back Taiphoon 4.2% Blonde England
Hopcraft Waen Lemon Drizzle 3.7% Pale Ale Wales
Jaw Capsize 5.7% Fruit Scotland
Jaw Drift 4.3% Blonde Scotland
Jaw Drop 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Kelburn Jaguar 4.5% Amber Ale Scotland
Kelburn Misty Law 4.0% Amber Ale Scotland
Kelham Island Pale Rider 5.2% Bitter England
Kent Beyond The Pale 5.4% Pale Ale England
Lacons Affinity 4.8% Blonde England
Lacons Encore 3.8% Blonde England
Late Night Hype Clydebank Pale 4.6% Pale Ale Scotland
Late Night Hype Strathclyde Sessions Volume 3 4.6% IPA Scotland
Lawman Eldritch 6.0% Black IPA Scotland
Lawman Scoosh 5.5% IPA Scotland
Lincolnshire Centennial Flight 4.6% Bitter England
Loch Lomond Bravehop Amber 6.0% IPA Scotland
Loch Lomond Dr. Peppercorn 7.0% Saison Scotland
Loch Lomond Lost In Mosaic 5.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Loch Lomond Oompah Lupulin 8.0% IPA Scotland
Loch Lomond Tiny Terror 3.6% Pale Ale Scotland
Magic Rock Common Grounds 5.4% Porter England
Magic Rock The Magic Spanner 3.9% Pale Ale England
Magpie Roam 4.5% Pale Ale England
Mallinsons Trans Pacific IPA 4.5% IPA England
Maxim Swedish Blonde 4.2% Blonde England
Merchant City Kiwi Lime Saison 5.2% Saison Scotland
Merchant City Unit 1 4.0% Amber Ale Scotland
Millstone Tiger Rut 4.0% Blonde England
Millstone True Grit 5.0% Pale Ale England
Moles Elmo’s 4.4% Pale Ale England
Mr Grundy’s Olive Branch 3.9% Amber Ale England
Nene Valley Blond Session Ale 3.8% Blonde England
Nene Valley Manhattan Project 4.0% Pale Ale England
Nene Valley Release The Chimps 4.4% IPA England
Nene Valley Simple Pleasures 3.6% Pale Ale England
North Riding Aussie Pale (Vic Secret) 4.5% Pale Ale England
North Riding Citra Pale 4.5% Pale Ale England
North Riding Pale Ale v10 4.5% Pale Ale England
Oakham Bishop’s Farewell 4.6% Blonde England
Oakham Citra 4.2% Blonde England
Oakham Green Devil 6.0% IPA England
Oakham Inferno 4.0% Blonde England
Oakham JHB 3.8% Bitter England
Orkney Corncrake 4.1% Blonde Scotland
Orkney Dark Island 4.6% Old Ale Scotland
Orkney Northern Lights 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Orkney Wave Breaker 4.3% Blonde Scotland
Pheasantry Single Hope Willamette 4.5% Pale Ale England
Revolutions Everybody Wants To Rule The World 4.5% Blonde England
Roosters Birdman 4.1% Pale Ale England
Roosters Buckeye 3.5% Blonde England
Salopian Harbinger 3.7% Pale Ale England
Salopian Mortal Coil 5.9% IPA England
Saltaire Blackberry Cascade 4.8% Pale Ale England
Saltaire South Island Pale 3.5% Pale Ale England
Settle Bulldog 4.1% Bitter England
Skye IPA 4.4% IPA Scotland
Skye Skye Black 4.5% Porter Scotland
Skye Skye Gold 4.3% Bitter Scotland
Skye Skye Red 4.2% Bitter Scotland
Skye Young Pretender 4.0% Bitter Scotland
Swannay Magnus Blonde 4.3% Blonde Scotland
Swannay Orkney Blast 6.0% IPA Scotland
Swannay Pale Ale 4.7% Pale Ale Scotland
Thornbridge Beerkeepers 5.3% Blonde England
Thornbridge Crackendale 5.2% Pale Ale England
Thornbridge Jaipur 5.9% IPA England
Thornbridge Personal Best 4.2% Blonde England
Tiny Rebel Cwtch 4.6% Pale Ale Wales
Tiny Rebel Fugg Life 4.2% Pale Ale Wales
Tiny Rebel Juicy 4.8% Pale Ale Wales
Tryst High Voltage 6.0% IPA Scotland
Tryst Maple Porter 5.5% Porter Scotland
Tryst XL5 3.8% Bitter Scotland
Westerham Audit Ale 6.2% Strong Ale England
Westerham British Bulldog 4.1% Bitter England
Westerham Finchcock’s Original 3.5% Bitter England
Westerham Viceroy 5.0% IPA England
White Horse Village Idiot 4.1% Blonde England
Williams Bros. Fraoch 4.1% Scottish Ale Scotland
Williams Bros. Joker IPA 4.3% IPA Scotland
Wolf Russian Wolf 4.2% Blonde England
York Guzzler 3.6% Bitter England
York Otherside IPA 4.5% IPA England

Foreign Bar

Brewery Beer Name ABV Style Origin
3 Fonteinen Oude Gueze 5.0% Lambic Belgium
3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek 5.4% Lambic Belgium
Alvinne Kriek van Mortagne 8.0% Sour Belgium
Amager Psychedelic Popcorn 4.2% Grisette Denmark
Amager The Bastard Princess 6.0% IPA Denmark
Amager The Viking 5.7% Stout Denmark
Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait 8.0% Lambic Belgium
Brewski Mangofeber 8.0% IPA Sweden
De Dolle Boskeun 8.0% Strong Ale Belgium
De La Senne Jambe-de-Bois 8.0% Tripel Belgium
De La Senne Taras Boulba 4.5% Pale Ale Belgium
De Molen Heksen & Trollen 6.1% Saison Netherlands
De Molen Hop & Liefde 4.8% Pale Ale Netherlands
De Molen Vuur & Vlam 6.2% IPA Netherlands
Hanssens Oude Gueze 6.0% Lambic Belgium
Het Uiltje Rice Rice Baby 8.0% IPA Netherlands
Het Uiltje Uilskuikentje 2.9% Pale Ale Netherlands
HORAL Megablend 2015 7.0% Lambic Belgium
Kees Barrel Project 18.02 10.5% Stout Netherlands
Kees Caramel Fudge Stout 11.5% Stout Netherlands
Kees Farmhouse IPA 6.0% IPA Netherlands
LOC Dinky Citra 4.5% Pale Ale Netherlands
Orval Orval 6.2% Pale Ale Belgium

Cider Bar

Brewery Cider Name ABV Style Origin
Opening Hours

Thursday: 15:30 To 22:30
Friday: 12:00 To 22:30
Saturday: 12:00 To 22:30


Tickets are available at the door costing £7 per session (£5 for CAMRA members). Ticket price includes programme and souvenir festival glass.

Advance tickets are available at our TCKTY website. The tickets cost £20 and include the entrance fee noted above with the balance in beer tokens.

(discounted entry price of £2 to subsequent sessions with festival glass)

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